Available courses

The course begins by providing an overview of key web development concepts, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—the foundational building blocks of the web. Participants will learn to structure content with HTML, style web pages using CSS for layout and design, and add interactivity and functionality through JavaScript.

The "Discover and develop your entrepreneurial mindset" intensive course for would-be and aspiring entrepreneurs and all those young and adult learners who simply would like to explore the entrepreneurial dimension will guide you and support you in reflecting, discovering and exploring your entrepreneurial potentials, acquiring knowledge on key competences and applying them to create value for yourself and others.
What will you learn?

  • To explore and develop an effective entrepreneurial mindset
  • To recognize different approaches to problems, to think critically, to identify needs and opportunities, to generate solutions and crate value  
  • To become aware of personal potentials and build up autonomy, independence and collaborative approaches
Who is this course for? 
Would-be and aspiring entrepreneurs who are exploring opportunities to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, to engage in self-employed activities starting from their own idea or project or to create and launch their own entrepreneurial business.